Planting Potatoes: the definitive guide

Planting Potatoes

The definitive guide to growing your own potatoes

Preparing Potatoes for Planting

Seed potatoes are produced by specialist seed growers and the best ones to buy are Scottish seed potatoes as they are of the highest health standard possible.

You should never plant potatoes purchased in a supermarket. Many of these potatoes can be from outside the UK and could contain many potential potato viruses and diseases that could destroy all your other potato crops and those of your friends and neighbours.

Storing Seed Potatoes

Ok so you have bought your seed potatoes and you want to know what to do next.

You should store your potatoes in a cool, dark, frost free area until you are ready to chit.

If long white shoots appear before you want to start chitting potatoes, simply rub them off carefully and you can start the process again.

6 weeks before you want to plant them you can chit your potatoes.

You will see steady little shoots appear over time and your potato will turn green but do not worry as this is meant to happen as you are planting them and not eating them.

The chits/sprouts will be different colours depending on what variety you are growing so do not worry if some are green and others purple it is all natural.

Once the chits get to around 2cm long they are ready to plant as long as the weather permits.

There are a variety of websites offering information but I have found this guide to growing and planting potatoes particularly helpful.

Further information on Scottish Seed Potato Merchants.

Chitting potatoes for planting